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Getting packages delivered at Redwood Gardens

Linda Burrell
Friday February 24, 2017 - 03:38:00 PM

In response to Eleanor Walden’s posting: I suggest that she first communicate with the local post office, ask for the postmaster. If the mail has a deliverable address, I believe it’s not possible for the management company to prohibit the postal carrier from delivering tot that address. Additionally, the Gardens is a business and typically mail must be delivered if properly addressed to a business address.  

Second, if HUD is subsidizing the rents, there are very likely regulations that prohibit that management company from requiring their tenants to rent post office boxes or go to the post office for packages. Post office boxes are in short supply and the post office surely doesn’t want a lot of aged and inform customers standing in line.  

A short cut might be to get in touch with Barbara Lee’s office and ask her staff to step in. Congressional Representatives maintain staffs who are usually very knowledgeable and responsive to their constituents’ questions and problems, especially where the government itself is involved. The same would be true of our new Senator Kamela Harris’s office. Over the years when I practiced law I was pleasantly surprised at the excellent service provided by elected representatives. My own daughter was able to obtain health insurance in Virginia because the state office I had referred her to worked on her behalf and guided her through the ACA process.