A Kvetchy Quatrain and Some Trumped-up Haikus

Gar Smith
Friday February 24, 2017 - 03:11:00 PM

I'd like to report that Trump has no rapport

that his Twitterish tirades leave much to abhor

that his public deportment disgraces the nation

"Deport him, instead!" is my loud exclamation

White-hot White House Haikus

--- ---

Boo! The Great Trumpkin!

He's orange and hairy-scary!

He even spooks spooks!

--- --- 

Trump's in a bind now 

Learning to juggle The Job 

His balls in the air 

--- --- 

"Fake news" brouhaha 

Real goal of Washington's post: 

"Silence our critics" 

--- --- 

Trump is a monster 

Who can beat him? Al and Jill 

Vote for Franken/Stein! 

--- ---  

Sir Trump's latest whine: 

Wants SNL banned, no shit 

Sad, turdy Knight's jive 

--- --- 

Trump's swamp-critter picks: 

A mad-as-sin cabinet. 

Pass the Advil, please! 

--- --- 

Here's wishing you a 

Furry Murky Christmas and 

A Scrappy New Year 

--- --- 

It's a brand new year 

Fresh outta the box. (I say: 

"Reseal the damn box.") 


If the US were 

A real democracy, Trump 

Wouldn't be the prez. 

--- --- 


Trump came in the runner-up. 


--- --- 

You need a license 

To drive a car but not to 

Run the USA 

--- --- 


Why should anyone show up 

For a runner-up? 

--- --- 

Trump's our new leader? 

The Reprimander-in-chief 

is what we'll call him 

--- --- 

Trump is a coward. 

When critics call him to task, 

he simply retweets 

--- --- 

The Oval Office 

The awful Offal Office 

With Trump at the desk 

--- --- 

Trump a "populist"? 

With his cuts, millions could die. 


--- --- 

Trust me. Believe me. 

Who needs the truth when I've got 

Alternative facts. 

--- --- 

Want Trump's tax returns? 

Donald has a suggestion: 

"Waterboarding works." 

--- --- 

Trump says vote was rigged 

Wants an investigation. 

How 'bout a new vote? 

--- --- 

The press versus Trump 

The Dailies v. Go-Lieth 

Press on, truth tellers! 

--- --- 

Flynn was in and now 

He's out, his memory failed 

Wired and now he's fired 

--- --- 

Andy Puzder caves 

Thanks to Oprah and his ex 

Puzder cussed her. Sad! 

--- --- 

Kellyanne Conway 

She does it her way, lobbing 

Alternative facts 

--- --- 

Trump and spies make news 

Donny puttin' out for Vlad? 

Trump's not orange. He's Red! 

--- --- 

Trump's taunts and stunts go 

beyond the realm of satire 

More like sad, tired ire 

--- ---  

Trumpty-Dumpty sat 

on a Wall. Trumpty-Dumpty 

had a great fall. Splat!