Public Comment

Fearful messages disturb sleep

Romila Khanna
Friday February 17, 2017 - 02:58:00 PM

“Lock the doors!” “Lock the gates to feel safe”. I hear this comment from friends all the times. I wonder if someone can advise, how one can stop the invasion of fearful thoughts in one’s brain. They steal our rejuvenating sleep patterns and invade our relaxation time. They fear the executive orders and its impact on them and their families. 

I also notice this problem prevailing in our three branches of government. The constant change of policies and executive orders depicts a malfunction of the brain and a disorderly thinking process. 

I just want to say that this is impacting the hurried decisions to protect and govern the country. In my view, it is not good for the public. 

We are all perplexed and bothered with the selection and policies of our President who seems to depend solely on his own perceptions. He has his own business style agenda on how to think and act. I believe that Public sector work needs a different approach. He is not thinking about everybody. I thought he had won the election to represent all of us.  

Why did he choose to nominate and select just billionaires and millionaires to be on his team? Those who have never experienced poverty and homelessness, don’t have the heart to think about those who lack food, clothing and shelter the three most important things needed to live. Everyone should have access to healthcare. I see all the members of our government enjoying all benefits on our taxpayers’ dollars but when it comes to think about policies that may benefit the poor and elderly they want to cut healthcare availability to the most needy in our society. 

They must sacrifice their own protection of health, wealth and safety to provide for all others whom they represent. 

Every day we hear the arguments and debates on how to cut the programs and funding from the most vulnerable class of our society. 

The real believers know how to serve rather than to be served. 

Is there a law, which protects all citizens without any discrimination? Why does color, status or occupation, matter? Why do I feel that the readers of our Constitution need to spend more time to understand the amendments more thoroughly? There can be a provision to amend the broken system in our country that works for the upper class ignoring the rest of the struggling families. 

Can any one suggest our three branches of Government to stop self-love and work for all to give them physical safety, health, housing facility and opportunity to pursue their inner growth? I hope somebody can inspire our Government to represent all.