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New: The Planet Scoops The Chronicle on Cabinet Proposal

Gar Smith
Monday February 13, 2017 - 04:33:00 PM

In the February 8 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle, James W. Loewen proposed an interesting response to the rise of Trumpian Politics. Loewen called for the creation of a Democratic Shadow Cabinet" whose mission would be to "help mobilize public opinion to ward off the worst Republican excesses." 

The Chronicle's editors quickly endorsed the idea by inviting readers to submit the names of those they would like to see serving on a Shadow Cabinet. 

This may sound like old news to Daily Planet readers who recall that, in March 2016, the Planet published a prescient "Proposal for a Peoples Cabinet." 

Our argument was simple: "Instead of supporting a single candidate, each ballot would be cast for a broad coalition of well-vetted, talented and experienced reformers." 

To read the original story and compare our 2016 selections to the Chron's Shadow Cabinet, go to this link: