Public Comment

Trouble at the top

Romila Khanna
Friday February 10, 2017 - 11:00:00 AM

I don’t know how President Trump has unique executive powers to do all that he alone thinks is good for the whole country. Why doesn’t the Republican Congress and Senate see any problem with these executive orders? I don’t think it is good for the Country. He has decided to select leaders who will follow the old system of suppression and slavery towards people who don’t like his random selections or nominations, or people who look different. 

I think America had made certain changes in the past years to give every one an equal opportunity to improve their living standards. 

When a majority of the public need to upgrade their skills, public schools and community colleges provide them the learning opportunities. Ordinary citizens can’t afford to join private schools or colleges, as they can’t afford to pay the fee.  

Public schools makes the students understand the importance of learning together as a community and thus they are more tolerant and learn to live in harmony and peace with people of different races and colors. 

I don’t find any special quality to grade the Education Secretary Betsy Devos. 

I paid attention to the interview process in the Senate. I was very dissatisfied with the incomplete answers or nodding the head with no correct or convincing answer. I expected better qualified persons to be nominated by President Trump. 

Again the selection of the Supreme Court Justice seems a joke. Will he follow the constitution or just rule to please President Trump? 

I am waiting to hear that the Republican Congress to say no to the nominees for any vacant position. When President Obama nominated Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court Judge, the Republican Congress did not interview him.  

It makes me think that Democracy has been replaced by Monarchy.  

What should we do? I don’t believe in mob mentality but I am troubled with the hurried steps that President is taking without thinking ahead of the consequences. Democracy helps all citizens to participate in voicing their opinion and the journalists help them to know the facts. If the media and the journalists are not allowed to let the public know the truth then the community suffers.  

President Trump is a very successful businessman. He has always used the hire and fire policy to his advantage. Will he use the same power and policy to govern America? 

I am requesting public to think and understand, “ Where is America moving now?”