Public Comment

Immigration Ban

Bruce Joffe
Friday February 03, 2017 - 10:16:00 AM

Democrats condemn the immigration ban on seven countries as being anti-Muslim, antithetical to our American values. Republicans defend it saying it only bans immigrants from seven of 19 Muslim-majority countries. Democrats point out that nobody from those seven countries has ever caused a terror incident in our country, and that many countries of terrorists' origin just happen to be places where the President has private business dealings. Republicans answer that the list came from the Obama administration.

Nevertheless, Republicans and Democrats do agree that the immigration ban was poorly planned, insufficiently vetted, and incompetently managed. Green-card holders, valid visa recipients, and people with dual citizenship should not have been banned. Given then-candidate-Trump's many statements about excluding Muslims, and the public admission that he commissioned Rudy Giuliani to find a "legal way" to make such a restriction, the appearance of immoral discrimination overwhelms whatever words are on the executive order.

Huge damage is being done, according to hundreds of military and State Department professionals who know what they are talking about. Trump's blunder is weakening the resolve of our allies in the fight against ISIS, and strengthening the veracity of terrorists among their adherents.

Seeking and taking advice from knowledgeable professionals is something the arrogant blowhard bullies in the White House are incapable of, to the detriment of our national security and our moral reputation. How much more danger must we be put in before the Republicans in Congress realize that impeachment is necessary?