Public Comment

Let us educate people to revive our democracy

Romila Khanna
Sunday November 27, 2016 - 08:31:00 PM

We have to educate our citizens to believe in a truly democratic country where all have the right to thrive and get equal opportunities to participate in choosing their Commander-in chief. 

We should include “Government” and “Politics” as compulsory subjects in all schools. It is important that students start thinking about government and politics during their school years. Their mental involvement in government affairs will help them later when they become eligible to cast their vote. I In a democracy, each person should know the background of his or her own representatives. Some people neither knew their candidates’ names, nor the background of the nominee of the two major parties. Media and advertisement played a big role to divide our people. 

I believe some of us lost our freedom to participate in this General Election because of strict voter ID law. In some “Red” states many poor and elderly people could not vote due new ID requirements. Many good people lost their ability to vote, as they never had a "voter ID". Most such people were seniors, or those who never had the means to get the state or county issued identification cards. Some of us had lost the ability to think clearly, and understand the empty promises made by our nominees on the campaign trail. 

I think that President must care for all the people. But it seems that the president-elect may not be able to bring equal opportunities for all to succeed in making their dreams come true. 

President-elect Donald trump is, purportedly, a very successful businessman who has expanded his businesses all over the world. But his policies and cabinet selections worry me. President Bush had the tax policy, which did not balance the budget. We have continued to create war zones by attacking Muslim countries to kill terrorists and their leaders. But still we have not finished our mission. At this difficult time of chaos and uncertainty our Electoral College has helped Donald Trump to get Electoral votes to win the Presidency. He does not have any experience in public office. His policies will also hurt many international communities. 

The president-elect is figuring out how to include all his trusted business friends and wealthy donors who contributed millions to his campaign. I think that money-power has stolen our democracy. 

I am sure his business world will get numerous benefits with his tax policies. The poor and the lower middle class will suffer, and the rich will become richer. There will be racism, poverty and unfriendliness across the globe. It makes me worried about the masses that are poor and lack the ability to fend for themselves and their families. Some friends are worried that the only white people will enjoy the benefits after January 20th 2017. 

Republicans are the majority in Congress, and in the Senate. Now Paul Ryan will not be a hurdle to president-elect Donald Trump. 

I hope there will be no prejudicial character evaluation of the incoming President. There will be no votes on the Supreme court Justice’s selection. Any supporter friends of president-elect Donald Trump will be appointed as Supreme Court Justices. Due to party politics a well-qualified Justice was not appointed because President Obama had nominated him. 

I wonder if the Congress will act differently now. Is it because the incoming President is white and wealthy, or because he has never worked in public office or because he represented the Republican Party with less popular votes? 

Will Trump’s Presidency bring more peace, financial and physical security to the common people? Will his billionaire friends and cabinet members advise him to try to make every citizen healthy and happy, and be honest in their dealings? I hope The Supreme Power inspires the new government to provide justice for all.