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Trump's Woes

Jagjit Singh
Saturday November 26, 2016 - 11:52:00 AM

Trump grudgingly acknowledged that he may have run afoul of self-dealing rules by using $258,000 of foundation funds to settle legal disputes for his businesses. He also reneged on pledges of financial support for his foundation. Money was also improperly used to pay for private school fees for Trump’s son, Barron. The foundation remains shrouded under a dark cloud pending investigation by the New York attorney general. 

Shell-shocked Democrats cowered into silence should wake up and demand that the Trump Foundation be open to more vigorous oversight. 

Trump’s business interests intertwined with his president-elect duties are also gaining public scrutiny. 

A few examples: 

A week after winning the election, Trump met with his Indian business partners – who are managing $1.5 billion in Trump projects. 

Requested British officials oppose wind farms in Scotland pleading they would mar the view of his company’s golf course. 

Included his adult children to be at the helm of the transition team while simultaneously managing his business empire. Foreign diplomats are already booking expensive rooms in Trump's hotel in DC, opening up more potential conflict of interests. If Trump fails to liquidate his assets into a blind trust he may face serious charges which would mire his entire presidency. 

Melania Trump has expressed her desire to remain at the Trump Hotel after Trump moves into the White House. This would impose a huge additional tax burden in security costs of $1 million a day.