Press Release: Agreement Reached on Berkeley Minimum Wage
Attorney Andy Katz led negotiations for Special City Council vote Thursday

Andy Katz, andy@andykatzlaw.com
Thursday August 11, 2016 - 10:34:00 AM

Working collaboratively, an agreement that avoids dueling ballot measures on the minimum wage in Berkeley has been reached.

The agreement between the Service Employees International Union, Local 1021, sponsor of the Citizens’ minimum wage ballot measure, and Berkeley City Council member Laurie Capitelli, author of the Council-sponsored minimum wage ballot measure, will be voted on at a special City Council meeting on Thursday night. Council members who signed a petition for the special City Council meeting to consider this action include Jesse Arreguin, Laurie Capitelli, Lori Droste, Darryl Moore, and Kriss Worthington.  

The Council will consider rescinding its previous action placing a minimum wage ballot measure on the November ballot, and will consider adopting a consensus ordinance at the special meeting on Thursday .  

Workers’ rights attorney and EBMUD Director Andy Katz convened the negotiations over several weeks, after urging the City Council at their June 14, 2016 meeting to work together to find common ground.  

Director Katz stated: “This agreement shows that the City Council can put Berkeley’s community first. This is an important step forward for working families to earn a living wage for their hard work, and avoids a divisive and confusing campaign at the ballot box.” 

Details of the agreement provisions will be released upon City Attorney review. Media may contact Andy Katz in advance for direct notification and further comment.