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Sunday July 31, 2016 - 10:54:00 PM

The very first story I wrote for the Bay Guardian, in 1974 (??), and possibly the first story I ever wrote for publication, was an expose of the political schemes surrounding the desire to tear down the old Transbay Terminal and replace it with something more profitable for someone. With the help of Lowell Bergman I found a bit of Mafia involvement in that one, which earned me a credible threat that if I said anything else like that in print I'd be sorry. Unfortunately, I didn't know anything else, and they tore it down without my permission, but now, ha-ha, this is the I-told-you-so moment:

That sinking feeling in San Francisco

This moment doesn't belong to you.

UC Berkeley student struggling to pay tuition is facing homelessness

Water main breaks on Cornell Street