Public Comment

Candidate Trump

Romila Khanna
Friday July 29, 2016 - 03:47:00 PM

It was encouraging to hear at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland that the presidential nominee Donald Trump will make America great again. But our multilingual and multicultural society wants to know exactly how presidential candidate Trump will make America great again. 

Candidate Trump says the US has lost prestige in the world. How does he wish to restore American prestige? I know that we badly need to turn our enemies into friends.  

Many countries do not like our constant interference in their domestic affairs. They don't want democracy imposed from the outside. They wish to chart their own path to democracy. I don't think a tit for tat approach will help us to halt terrorist activities in our world. Bombarding other nations will only add to the number of the sick and disabled on the earth. 

The lands we bomb will become barren. The inhabitants of these nations will become homeless in their own land.
 Apart from our prestige in the world, there is the question of well-being among our own people . Thirty seven million Americans live below the poverty line today. How will candidate Trump make the poor capable so they can climb higher in society? Will candidate Trump donate his own wealth to the poor and needy? Will he provide free college education? Will he guarantee health care for the poor? 

Without specific plans to lift the lower classes into the middle class, the promise of America's greatness trumpeted from the Republican National Convention sounds hollow.