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Free Admission to Redwood Parks on the Day after Thanksgiving

Keith Burbank (BCN)
Thursday November 19, 2015 - 08:16:00 PM

A group advocating for the protection of coast redwood trees in California and the state Department of Parks and Recreation are partnering to provide free admission on the day after Thanksgiving to 49 redwood state parks, some of which are in the Bay Area, the group's spokeswoman said. 

Save the Redwoods League will pay the $8 to $10 cost for any vehicle to enter any of 49 redwood state parks in California, league spokeswoman Jennifer Benito-Kowalski said. 

The event is meant to encourage people to enjoy the outdoors, Benito-Kowalski said. 

Outdoor company REI's decision to be closed on the day after Thanksgiving inspired league officials to offer free admission to see the redwoods the group has been working to protect since 1917. 

The day after Thanksgiving is commonly known as Black Friday, a major shopping day, and is on Nov. 27 this year. 

"It's really breathtaking to walk through these parks," state park spokeswoman Gloria Sandoval said. 

People can visit several redwood state parks close to the Bay Area, such as Mount Tamalpais State Park in Marin County and Jack London State Historic Park in Sonoma County, league officials said. 

In the Monterey Bay area, people can also visit parks such as Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park or Big Basin Redwoods State Park, league officials said. 

California is home to the tallest Redwood tree in the world, league spokeswoman Nancy Crowley said. 

The tree is named Hyperion and was discovered in 2006, Crowley said. It is 379.1 feet tall and located in a place known only to a handful of people because visitors would upset the ecosystem around the tree, she said. 

The free admission is only to the 49 state parks with redwoods, Benito-Kowalski said. Visitors to national parks, such as Muir Woods National Monument, on Black Friday will have to pay for admission, she said. 

To gain entry to any of the 49 parks, visitors must download and print a Free Redwood State Parks Day-Use Pass at, Crowley said.  

Visitors must present the pass to a state parks staff member at the park's entry gate or visitors must put the pass on the dashboard of the vehicle they are traveling in to gain entry to the park for day-use only, league officials said. 

Day-use is usually from 8 a.m. to sunset, according to league officials.