Flash: Oakland Police Shoot, Kill Person Holding Fake Gun

Keith Burbank (BCN) and Planet
Sunday November 15, 2015 - 10:37:00 PM

Police recovered what was described as a "replica" gun from a person whom officers shot and killed early this evening in Oakland, police said.

Oakland Police Watch Commander J. Moore told the Planet later tonight that the supposed weapon the person was carrying was not a real gun. 

The incident occurred in the area of 90th and Bancroft avenues as uniformed officers were having vehicles towed from a sideshow, according to police. 

The person with the gun approached police with the gun pointed at them and officers opened fire, police said. 

Officers performed CPR on the person immediately after the shooting and paramedics arrived a short time later, police said. 

No officers were injured, according to police. 

Officer Moore could not tell the Planet the deceased person's name, age, race or gender. 

Earlier in the evening, the Oakland Police Department released this statement: 

On Sunday, November 15, 2015 during the early evening, Oakland police officers were involved in an officer involved shooting in the area of 90th Avenue and Bancroft Avenue. The preliminary investigation at this time is a group of uniformed officers who were engaged in towing vehicles related to sideshow activity when they were approached by a subject who pointed a firearm in their direction. At least several officers discharged their service firearm fatally striking the subject. After the subject was shot, the officers immediately performed CPR until medical personnel arrived on scene. Medical personnel arrived shortly after.

No officers were reported to be injured.

Consistent with Departmental policy, this officer involved shooting is being investigated by the Oakland Police Department’s Homicide Section and Internal Affairs Division. An independent and concurrent investigation is also being conducted by the Alameda County District Attorney's Office.

The Oakland Police Department is committed to transparency. However, a complete investigative process requires information be limited in order to maintain the integrity of the investigation. For this reason, only those preliminary details that do not compromise the investigation can be released at this time. Additional information will be released as soon as practical.