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My art/photos - all of my art work and prints and nearly all of my art monographs stolen

James Wood
Thursday November 12, 2015 - 02:11:00 PM

This is my art work.

I am very angry over losing nearly all of my art books, [some] of which showed [up] after [being] stolen from my Uhaul storage locker at a local bookstore, Moe's Books, in Berkeley, CA.

Last time I was robbed of [more than] 200 music CDs (approx. $5000 value) which showed [up] at a local music store just across the street from the bookstore Moe's. The police did nothing!

I can't believe this, as others have had the same experience having their things stolen and finding them in these two stores on Telegraph Ave. If it is as common as it appears why do the police do nothing? 

I lost over $10.000 in personal property to this recent theft at an Oakland Uhaul location. Besides losing my Art Books I lost all of my electronics, including stereos, radios, cameras etc. as well [as] all of my clothes. 

I am 61 with a severe physical disability and it's been very cold. My doctors here did nothing to help get my RSDI, retirement survivors disability insurance. If they had I may have been off the street and would not have suffered this loss. I was just properly awarded my RSDI after being misplaced on SSI screwing up my back pay. 

Now I have almost nothing and lost as well all of my personal art work. A friend, Catholic Worker on the street JC Orton, suggested I am too attached to my things. I countered by saying that art and music is spiritual and the objects or media is necessary for humans for reference. After all the Nazis burned books for a reason. And just like his bible, my books and music have a spiritual value of which there is no monetary value. I was not attached to my physical things such as stereos etc. but on a fixed income and disabled I can not replace these items. 

I am again devastated by this loss.