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Tejinder Uberoi
Friday August 08, 2014 - 01:57:00 PM

CIA Director, John Brennan, apologized to the Senate Intelligence Committee after previously feigning outrage that such a ‘hollowed’ agency should be accused of illegally monitoring their computers. The explosive report reportedly documents extensive abuses and a massive cover-up by CIA officials. This is reminiscent of the bungling attempts of the Watergate plumbers. Only two weeks before John Brennan issued his weasel words of apology, the Obama Justice Dept. announced it would pass on investigating the allegations of CIA spying on Congress. Why? Doesn’t spying on Congress constitute high crimes?  

Has the separation of powers been mysteriously expunged from the US Constitution? According to AP reports the White House has already devised a series of talking points to further whitewash a torture report that's been watered down, redacted and edited into a sanitized version suitable for a Readers Digest condensed edition for the entire American family. Among the proofreaders was George Tenet, Bush torture architect and Medal of Freedom winner, still close to his former acolyte, Brennan, who was invited to all the cutting and pasting sessions.  

It’s a direct reflection on the Obama admintration that he should have nominated Brennan who has an extremely checkered past. It’s inexplicable that President Obama should express “great confidence” in Brennan’s leadership when he disgraced himself before Congress. The buck stops at the White House and he should reverse his decision and fire Brennan and James Clapper who also lied before Congress.