Public Comment

Gaza and Israel

Curtis Manning
Thursday July 31, 2014 - 09:26:00 PM

I wish to express my extreme displeasure at the ongoing incremental genocide of the Palestinians at the hands of the Israelis, the knee-jerk military support of the US government, and their apparent encouragement of the Zionist quest to solve the "Palestinian problem" in the same the way the Turks did the Armenians.  

But rather than scimitars, the Israelis have F-16's, drones with Hellfire missiles, the latest tanks, and a fleet of warships (it was a warship that hunted down and murdered those children playing soccer on the beach). And yet it is okay with Obama because the Palestinians have the temerity to offer resistance to the attack. In Palestine we have the new Warsaw ghetto. 

The current attack was clearly instigated by the Israelis, who were displeased at the agreement of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority to form a single government, and the attempt to be granted observer status at the UN. 

Hamas did not kidnap and kill those three Israeli kids; this is now known. Yet Netanyahu used the lie as an opportunity to do hate mongering -- something he does very well. Many Palestinians were killed by the IDF before the rockets began to fly, but these killings are discounted as the normal killings which are an ongoing feature of the Israeli relationship with the Palestinians. 

I call for our government to cut off the supply of arms to Israel. We are being dragged down into the moral sewer that Israel already occupies by our eager complicity with what is an apparent ongoing genocide.