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Antibiotics and Farm Animals

Melissa Tumas
Thursday July 31, 2014 - 09:25:00 PM

Factory Farms are pumping their animals full of antibiotics with only 20% of these drugs being used for actual illness. 

The use of these antibiotics are creating superbugs, which are drug resistant bacteria. Each year 23,000 American die from illnesses related to these superbugs since taking antibiotics is a futile effort. 

The only solution to these superbugs would be to remove these antibiotics from use in production and only use them for health purposes. 

Denmark currently does not misuse drugs for their food supply and evidence has shown that the bacteria revert back to being susceptible to drugs. So when humans are infected with bacteria they can still be treated by antibiotics and ultimately saved. 

Change will only happen if the FDA rules that antibiotics should only be given to sick animals, simple and straight forward.