Public Comment

Death Penalty

Chuck Mann, Greensboro, NC
Thursday July 31, 2014 - 09:20:00 PM

There has been yet another botched execution in our country. Many Americans want to reform the death penalty. I want to end it. It bothers me that so many Christians support the death penalty. Jesus opposed stoning, crucifixions, and other forms of torture and execution. He even said, ''Whatever you do to the least among men, you also do to me''. Prisoners on death row can certainly be considered the least among men. 

Some conservative Christians seem to prefer the Old Testament. There you will find the Ten Commandments. Thou shall not kill is a commandment, not a suggestion. There is no asterix, parentheses,or fine print after Thou shall not kill. I would like to encourage Christians, and non-Christians to support the elimination of the death penalty in our country, and worldwide . The best way to prevent the execution of an innocent person is to abolish the death penalty.