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World Soccer Games

Jagjit Singh
Friday June 13, 2014 - 11:25:00 AM

The billions being spent on building gleaming stadiums and supporting infrastructure amidst grinding poverty in many countries like Brazil is insane and demonstrates the gross insensitivity of the corporate ruling elite such as the FIFA, more aptly called the FI$FA. The London Sunday Times recently blew the lid on the FIFA’s shading practices in its bidding process to nominate oil rich Qatar to host the 2022 World Soccer Cup - a most inappropriate location because of its sweltering heat.

FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, boasts of a “shared sporting culture” which rakes in billions in lucrative advertising deals leaving the host country a mountain of debt, unused stadiums and other facilities, following the games. The FIFA promised the Brazilian people they would not be asked to carry the financial burden but instead the tournament would be financed using private funds. In a stark betrayal, outraged Brazilians soon discovered they will be saddled with a staggering $11- 20 billion debt – funds critically needed to upgrade their education, transportation and crumbling health care system. Despite the rivalry of the countries participating in the world cup, they all share their intense distrust and hostility of the FIFA. The FIFA has been engulfed in scandals during its long history and have been awarded numerous yellow cards; it is now time to issue a red card and abolish this redundant corporate albatross.