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Goines and Friends poster show--important Hillside Club event

By Tim L. Hansen
Thursday November 07, 2013 - 10:17:00 PM

A lot of wonderful things happen at the Hillside Club. But every four or five years something truly out-of-ordinary happens. This weekend is one of those events. There will be a poster show with 8 poster artists, all showing their work. It will be an opportunity to see the "state of the art" of the poster and meet the artists. Posters tell us a lot about who we are as a people. They refect values and our natural history. The exhibit is free. I hope you will come and reflect.  

Below are links to some representative sets for each of the 7 artists.  

"Forty Fridas" by Ellen Heck 

"Engravings: The Gesture" by Keith Cranmer 

"Paintings: Set I" by Kenjilo Nanao 

"Paintings: Set IV" by Gail Chadell Nanao 

"Coyote Woodcut Suites I and II" by Daniel Owen Stolpe 

"Aesop Cop" series by Rigel Stuhmiller, written by Franklin Crawford 

"Peter Koch Printers: Portfolio" 

This is a rare chance to experience the work of some accomplished and inspiring local artists and to meet them in person.