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New: Gun-Related Deaths

By Romila Khanna
Sunday October 27, 2013 - 05:23:00 PM

Is there a way of dealing with conflicts so that gun violence becomes unnecessary? Often people will not stop to consider someone else’s point of view. But while we undergo training in finding common ground even with our adversaries, we can create a kind of time out. Let us stop gun exhibits and enforce gun control laws strictly. 

It breaks my heart to hear each day about deaths related to gun. I feel for our communities which shed tears each day because their dear ones are killed in a school, or a movie theater or a shopping mall. It is shocking to discover that even a ten year old can get a gun to kill someone in a public school. It is important that all students be screened for mental illness before they enter a school but until the whole population of students is examined by health care providers we must enforce gun control laws strictly. 

We shouldn’t continue to support gun manufacturers only because they have a powerful lobby. Let us make a practice of decrease tensions a part of high school education all over the nation. We cannot afford any longer to resolve conflicts through the barrel of a gun.