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New: URGENT: Save the Food Stamp Program

By Harry Brill
Saturday September 21, 2013 - 01:30:00 PM

The House of Representatives just passed a bill by a narrow margin (217 to 210) that substantially guts the food stamp program, which would be devastating to the poorest recipients. If it becomes law almost 4 million recipients will lose their benefits.  

The 47 million Americans who receive food stamps include millions of young children, the unemployed, low wage workers, seriously sick individuals, the disabled, veterans, and senior citizens. 

Many recipients either cannot work or are unable to obtain decent paying jobs. Specifically, 20% of food stamp households include an elderly family member and 25% include a disabled member. Over 36% of household recipients include children. 

The Republicans have claimed that many recipients have been cheating. But the evidence shows that the error rate is at an all time low. 

Yet these same Republicans continue to support subsidies to agribusiness even though the its profits are very high. Nor have any Republicans complained that the Department of Agriculture has given millions of dollars in subsidies to over a thousand deceased farmers. 

Please contact our senators immediately to tell them that in this dismal economic climate, the food stamp budget should certainly not be slashed and in fact should be increased. 

To reach Senators Boxer and Feinstein:(free calls): 1-877-762-8762 or 1-800-826-3688. 

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