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Medic Alert Scam

By Richard Reynolds
Friday August 30, 2013 - 07:54:00 AM

That calls we've been getting are more devious than indicated in your article. When you pick up the phone, this guy just starts talking. You think at first that it's a real person. He says that you've been recommended by a friend or perhaps you have requested the call yourself. He then goes on to say stuff like, "Gee, it says here that you can get this medic alert device absolutely free!" Later he says, "Oh, and it also says there is no shipping charge!" 

This is one of the most sophisticated telemarketing calls I have ever received. My assumption was that the perps were scamming Medicare, but I see from your article that they are scamming the recipients of the call themselves. I am a pretty cynical person, but sometimes the lengths to which scam artists will go surprise even me.