Public Comment

All internet content is unfiltered at the Berkeley Public Library

By Thomas Lynch
Friday June 28, 2013 - 11:53:00 AM

The Berkeley Public Library’s "Children and Young Adult" computers have a No-Filtering Policy for the Internet. Consequently, all sorts of pornographic material can be accessed intentionally or accidentally by children. A friend, who is aware of my concern for youngsters, sent the following email – “I recently saw a TV show in which young people were being interviewed regarding their experience with online pornography. The more macho males led the discussion with a cynical attitude of "Oh yeah, it's out there--so what?" with very little thought to its meaning or consequences (these are teens, after all). Finally, a quieter lad, genuinely moved, spoke up saying, “When I was twelve, I saw an online pornographic image. I wish I could go back and unsee it.”” 

I do not understand how pornography on “Children and Young Adult” computers finds sanctuary at the Berkeley Public Library.