What's New at the Law School

By Dorothy Snodgrass
Friday June 28, 2013 - 11:50:00 AM

As a former Boalt Hall U.C. School of Law retiree, I received in today's mail a copy of the glossy 68 page "TRANSCRIPT," Boalt's handsome Journal. I was particularly interested in the article on Professor Sanford Kadish (Page 5) mentioning the dedication of his "Jurisprudence and Social Policy Library". Kadish joined Boalt's faculty in 1964 and served as dean from 1975 to 1982. He was instrumental in fortifying the School's Center for the Study of Law & Society. 

David Carrillo launched Boalt Hall's new California Constitution Center. The Center has kicked off its programming with a moot court for lawyers whose cases are pending before the California Supreme Court. This fall the Center plans to hold a conference on the California Supreme Court, paired wit a special argument session the court will hold at Boalt. 

This past November, a British rabbi's Robbins Collection lecture electrified an overflow audience at Boalt. The Robbins Collection, among the world's best research libraries in religious and civil law, has attracted top students and scholars from around the world. The Berkeley Institute seeks to broaden Jewish and Israeli studies at U.C. Berkeley. 

Boalt Professor Kristin Luker has established a new first-of-a-kind Reproductive Rights Center, focussing on reproductive rights and justice. The Center is publishing a white paper and hosting a panel in support of efforts to repeal California's welfare family cap. 

Nicholas Dirks has been named the new Berkeley Chancellor, replacing Dean Christopher Edley, Jr. Despite the brace of titles he held at Columbia University, Dirks is better known as a professor of Indian ethno-history with a passion for interdisciplinary studies. It's given him an opening to perceive the world beyond Christianity. 

The Journal has published dozens of pictures of past and present faculty, many of whom I worked for during my years at Boalt (i.e, Dick Buxbaum and Willy Fletcher.) As mentioned before, I'm grateful for the exciting years I worked at Boalt, though I fear I had little impact on the School's success. 

On a sentimental and nostalgic note, I make mention here of Professor Charles Charnas ('84), "Tall Drink of Water,"penned two years before his brush with death. The opening lines are: 

"There's a little thing I said to myself, all my own 

A watchword I repeat that's just for me 

When I wake up with the dawn and I greet the morning sun When I wake up and begin a brand new day 

I look into the mirror, I look right at myself 

And I promise that today will be okay." 

Incidentally, Chanas' love song to jazz and life are available on Amazon.com and iTunes.