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Celebrate Tax Day on Monday at the Tax the Rich rally on Solano in Berkeley

By Harry Brill
Friday April 12, 2013 - 02:45:00 PM

As you know, next Monday, April 15 is Tax Day. And next Monday is also when our Tax the Rich group will be rallying. Please, please join us for this very special Monday. Our emphasis will be on the highly inequitable taxes that the rich and the rest of us pay. That inequity help explains the problem of funding social and economic programs that improve our quality of life.  


We play an important role informing people of what is happening and also what they can do about it. People are surprised, for example, when they learn that 30 major corporations paid no federal income taxes for the last three years. Nor do they realize that a family head who is earning about $50,000 annually is paying a higher tax rate than his or her wealthy counterpart. Also, most people have no idea how to contact their elected legislators. 


As usual, we meet from 5-6pm near the top of Solano. By demonstrating in the streets, where both pedestrians, drivers and their passengers are continually passing by, we are reaching many people who we normally don't come in contact with. Our signs and our leaflets are informative. And many passerby's stop to talk with us. 


So even if you cannot afford a full hour, please come for a shorter while. We don't grade you for coming later and leaving earlier! Also, encourage your friends and others who are concerned to join us. If you have an email list, please forward this message. 


When: Tax Day, April 15, 5-6pm 

Where: near the top of Solano (nr. Oak Theater) 

p.s. rain cancels