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War is Not Over When It's Over

Emily Yates, Oakland, CA, Iraq Veterans Against the War
Friday March 22, 2013 - 01:04:00 PM

On the tenth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, my thoughts are with all of the veterans of the Iraq War, but especially for the Iraqi veterans - by which I mean, every person living in Iraq during the invasion and occupation. I deployed twice to Iraq. I've been home for almost five years and I still think about it every day. I think about it every day, and I'm not even physically there. 

This war continues to traumatize millions of Iraqi civilians in addition to the thousands of military casualties from around the globe. It’s time for our government to be held accountable for ten years (and counting) of human rights violations in Iraq. It’s time for our government to take responsibility for the physical and psychological trauma it has been inflicting on every Iraqi and on its own troops for ten years - and counting - because even though the war might have been declared over, for millions it will never be over.