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The Central Park Five: The Tortured Confessions behind the 'Wilding' Hoax-- Now playing at the Shattuck Cinema in Berkeley

By Gar Smith
Tuesday December 18, 2012 - 11:51:00 AM
Korey Wise, a child forced to confess to a crime he did not commit.

If you think Bradley Manning is getting a bum rap (and he is), consider the case of the Central Park Five. -more-

Film Review: Rust and Bone: A Love Story with Blood and Bruises

Reviewed by Gar Smith
Tuesday December 18, 2012 - 11:37:00 AM
Schoenaerts and Cotillard

Opens December 21 at the Embarcadero and Sundance Kabuki Theatres in San Francisco

Opens January 11 at Berkeley's Shattuck Theatre

Director Jacque Audiard's uncompromising new film, Rust and Bone, has a unique look and feel. The film begins with mesmerizing images of faces and forms flashing and fading in a daze of light and shadow โ€” like tossed playing cards briefly glimpsed as they tumble past your eyes. The effect creates a sense of uncertainty that suggests a disquieting moral: "There are tides in life that draw us in unknowable directions. We are not in control of our fortunes. We can only influence โ€” and sometimes rise above โ€” the rubble of life's turbulence but we are never free and independent." -more-