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New: Romney's Sense-Defying Proposals

By Jack Bragen
Monday October 29, 2012 - 03:32:00 PM

Having watched Mitt Romney on television including during the presidential debates, I believe he is a good person. It is noteworthy that President Obama and Governor Romney have both been civilized campaigners; and there does not appear to be any real animosity between the two. This is different than how it was when George W. Bush ran, both for election and re-election. The campaigns for and against George W. Bush did not refrain from nastiness, including the time in which the Supreme Court was involved. 

My objection to Mitt Romney being elected president is not about character-it is about his proposals. He wants to increase domestic production of nuclear power, oil, gas and coal. This means more offshore drilling which poses a major threat to the environment should anything go wrong, which it will. This means more strip mining to get to the coal, more dangerous coal mining that puts the lives of miners in jeopardy, and more carbon emissions in our atmosphere which will make our climate hotter. Mitt Romney's agenda does not seem to include renewable energy at all. What is the point of that? Renewable energy is a no-brainer, although unpopular among the oil giants. 

Romney alluded to the idea of transferring Medicare to the states. Whenever something like that happens, the ball gets dropped. The states will inevitably do a poor or no job of filling in the crater left by gutting Medicare, which is the actual proposal of Romney. He talked of cutting programs in order to balance the budget, while increasing military spending and cutting taxes for the rich. This is not hearsay; this is straight out of Romney's mouth. What programs are to be cut? School lunches? Affordable housing? Social Security? 

Where is Romney going to find the money to balance our budget while cutting taxes and increasing military spending? He is either an outright liar, or he is proposing a complete gutting of all programs, including Social Security, Medicare, and anything else that serves as the remaining safety net for people who can't work due to a disability, for people who can't find jobs, and for seniors. Romney's proposals spell a disaster for the most vulnerable among us. 

Mitt Romney is a nice enough man. You can feel the love of the debates all day long. However, electing him is another matter. His proposals make him unsuitable to be President. Vote for President Obama.