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New: A Letter the Chronicle Didn't Publish:
PG&E Admits Nuclear Power Isn't Needed!

Monday September 10, 2012 - 11:41:00 PM

It is to be expected that PG&E and Southern Cal Edison would collectively oppose SB843 and AB1990 -- two promising renewable energy bills ("Big utilities fight solar legislation," August 28, 2012). Proponents argue that expanding the state's use of clean, unlimited solar power could generate 2 gigawatts of electricity or "roughly the equivalent of two nuclear reactors." 

In response, PG&E's Aaron Johnson contends there's no need for the extra power since California's energy demand is "essential flat in load and has been for several years." 

Johnson's assessment actually provides two compelling arguments for a shift to renewables. (1) It establishes that there is no need to restart the twin San Onofre nuclear reactors (currently offline due to damaged and leaking steam generators) and (2) the 2 GW of new, "unneeded" electricity would allow the state to retire the last two reactors still operating at the quake-prone Diablo Canyon facility. 

Passing AB1990 and SB843 would not only render the Sunshine State more sustainable, it would also foreclose the possibility of California experiencing a future Fukushima -- by becoming "nuke free."