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New: Wellstone Club Endorsement Meeting for the Berkeley November Election to Take Place in Oakland on Thursday

From the Wellstone Newsletter
Tuesday September 04, 2012 - 11:20:00 AM

On Thursday, September 6, the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club will consider Berkeley offices and initiatives, and elected positions for a variety of special districts including Directors for BART, AC Transit, and the Peralta Community College District, as well as Oakland city attorney. 

According to the Wellstone newsletter: 

"The Club leadership has worked very hard to contact candidates and ask them to submit responses to our questionnaire. Most candidates have responded. Some have not. We have decided to not consider those candidates who have not submitted responses. 

"We feel it to be our responsibility to contact candidates in order for them to be considered by the club. We also feel that candidates have the responsibility to both contact the club and respond to our requests." 

The responses of candidates can be seen at www.wellstoneclub.org 

All endorsements, candidates and propositions, require 60% of the vote. 

Location: Humanist Hall 390 27th Street, Oakland (between Broadway and Telegraph), Disabled Entrance and Parking on 28th St behind the Hall.. 

Time: Potluck at 6PM, meeting at 6:30PM.