Public Comment

Divide and Conquer

By Bruce Joffe
Tuesday August 14, 2012 - 10:40:00 AM

Call it class warfare, or call it the politics of resentment. The Romney enablers are using a strategy of division to conquer the Presidency. They are trying to turn hard-working people, who struggle everyday just to get by, against the people who are even less fortunate, by promoting resentment that some are receiving government assistance while others aren't. 

If Romney can win the "resentment vote," his people will change all that: no one will get government assistance, except the very top of the top 1%. The wealthiest will get government contracts, bailouts, special access to the Federal Reserve, and tax breaks. The tax money they don't pay will limit everyone else's access to a good education, to adequate health care, to retirement security, and yes, to food for millions of hungry people. 

Romney's people believe that wealth measures morality, so the wealthiest are the most deserving of our country's benefits. Republicans are counting on the resentment of people who fear loosing their jobs and their homes to boost them into power. If they win, watch out!