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Press Release: ALKO Office Supply Closes Downtown Berkeley Retail Store, Cites Decreased U.C. Berkeley Purchases

From Gary Shows, President, Cliff Radston Company, Inc. dba ALKO office supply
Tuesday July 31, 2012 - 09:49:00 AM

Cliff Radston Company, Inc., DBA ALKO office supply will be closing its store at 2225 Shattuck Avenue in downtown Berkeley once a suitable buyer has been found for the building. This location has been a stationary/office supply store continuously since 1908 when it was founded by Clifford B. Radston. It has been operated by its current ownership since 1972. Its current business entity was formed in 1954. 

Three reasons why this closure has become necessary: 

  • 1. Major decrease in sales to the University of California
  • 2. A false perception by many local commercial offices that national chain stores are more economical
  • 3. Changes in the shopping demographics of downtown Berkeley

We sincerely regret disappointing loyal retail customers. We are appreciative and grateful; there just are not enough of them to sustain us. 

Until a buyer for the building is found, our store will remain fully stocked and open for business. Once sold, it is our intention to keep our business open to serve our commercial and internet customers, but house it in a less costly location.