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Press Release: St. Mary's College Student Arrested Wednesday at Occupy Cal Plans to Address Rally Off-Campus in Berkeley Tomorrow

From Zack Aslanian-Williams
Monday November 14, 2011 - 08:05:00 PM

Robert Slaughter, a political science major at nearby Saint Mary’s College, was one of those arrested during the 'Occupy Cal' protest on the night of Wednesday, November 9th. Slaughter, who is Black, was subjected to what appears to be a clear case of racial profiling. 

Slaughter has been charged with three misdemeanors and has been issued a stay-away order from the Berkeley campus, but he plans to hold the UC administration to account by speaking about his arrest and detention at a 2:20pm rally just off campus on Bancroft and Telegraph during the upcoming student strike on Tuesday, November 15th. 

After being thrown to the ground and beaten by police in the process of arrest, he was separated from the rest of the protesters in County Jail and held longer than anyone else. 

After being bailed out by the UNITE HERE hotel workers union on Friday afternoon, Slaughter, who had never been arrested before, recounted how Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies had harassed him: “They yelled at me ‘what gang are you in!?’ and ‘where are your tattoos!?’” 

Rob was put in a separate area that held black and brown people who were there for gang related activity. The initial holding cell was filthy with urine and fecal matter.