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Labor Activists Issue Urgent Call to Alameda Labor Council for Labor Defense of Occupy Oakland

Saturday November 12, 2011 - 05:29:00 PM

Who: Ad Hoc Labor Activist Assembly of veteran Oakland area labor organizers
What: Urgent Call to Alameda Labor Council for Labor Defense of Occupy Oakland
Why: Threat of Imminent Police Action to Attack and Evict Occupy Oakland
When: November 12, 2011

The following urgent proposal was unanimously adopted today at an ad hoc Labor Activist Assembly, and signed by more than 30 veteran labor activists: 

We, the Ad Hoc Labor Activist Assembly, in light of the imminent threat of police action to evict Occupy Oakland, call on the Alameda Labor Council Executive Board to adopt and implement the following: 

The Alameda Labor Council declares the Occupy Oakland encampment to be a sanctioned picket line. The Council's Executive Board calls on every one of its affiliates to immediately mobilize members to defend the encampment, dispatching pickets in shifts, beginning tonight (November 12) and continuing as long as the threat persists. 

SIGNATURES (organizations listed for identification only) 

Jack Gerson, OEA retired 

Zev Kuithy, CFT 

Susan Schacher, Peralta Federation of Teachers 

Bob Mandel, OEA/AFT retired 

Peter Brown, Peralta Federation of Teachers 

Steve Miller, OEA 

Loretta Franke, Operating Engineers retired 

Jack Heyman, ILWU Local 10 retired 

Stan Woods, Transport Workers Solidarity Committee 

Richard Tan, Librarian 

Pete Turner, IFTPE 21 

Henry Johnson 

Richard Mellor, AFSCME 444 retired 

Robert Irminger, IBU/ILWU 

Caray Dau,ILWU 6 

Adam Balou, Occupy Oakland 

Jenna Woloshyn, IBT 10 

John Reimann, IWW 

Matt Meyer, BFT 

Marcus Holder, ILWU 10 

Mary Beth Schuler 

Mike Parker, UAW 1700 

Bill Balderston, OEA 

Bill Cherneau, SEIU 1021 

Ruth Maguire, Grandmothers against the war 

Ying Lee, BFT retired 

Ann Weills, National Lawyers Guild 

Michael Rubin, SEIU 

Rosalind Makris OEA 

Dave Welsh, Letter Carriers 214 

Frank Martinez Campo, SEIU 1021