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New: They Can Take
poem for Occupy

by Carol Denney
Sunday November 06, 2011 - 06:27:00 PM

they can take all of our houses
those of us who have houses
they can take all of our jobs
those of us who have jobs


they can take all of our money
those of us who have money
they can describe us as mobs
a bunch of undisciplined slobs

but we’ve learned to live with our neighbors
we’ve learned to live in the street
with nothing at all to protect us
sharing whatever we eat
we recognize that we’re brothers and sisters
and family to hold and to love
now and forever today and together
on earth under heavens above

we’re made of music and starlight
we’re made of colors and song
we’re born to dance on the planet together
beautiful graceful and strong
they can fill up all the prisons
shut down the schools and parks
they can keep warm with their money
we can keep warm with our hearts

somewhere they’re counting their money
money that used to be ours
piling it up in their savings
money that used to be ours
shaking their heads as we’re kicked to the curb
but insisting they’re feeling our pain
taking our keys on the way out the door
and they’ll do it again and again

but we’ve learned the smallest among us
the most beaten impoverished soul
is a wealth and a fountain of beauty
and crucial to making us whole
there isn’t one of us we’ll leave behind
as we remake the world that we know
this isn’t work this is dancing together
and singing and making it so