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Press Release: Priscilla Myrick announces candidacy for Berkeley, CA School Board Director

Tuesday September 28, 2010 - 03:05:00 PM

Public education advocate and veteran chief financial officer Priscilla Myrick has launched her second run for a slot on the Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD) board in the November 2nd election. 

Myrick, a passionate proponent of student literacy, is a founding member of the nonprofit group that created the WriterCoach Connection program in 2001. She has volunteered in Berkeley classrooms every week since then, helping students improve their writing skills. She has also collaborated with other California school board members on education issues. 

"I have been impressed by Priscilla’s combination of 'big picture' thinking and sensitivity to how decisions make a difference to real people in the real world…. Priscilla would bring those qualities to the Berkeley School Board,” says Ellen Wheeler, School Board Vice President of the Mountain View Whisman School District.  

Of all the candidates, only Myrick has direct experience managing complex budgets. As a CPA and bioscience CFO, Myrick managed budgets of up to $300 million, three times the size of the BUSD budget. 

“Priscilla Myrick is the only candidate with proven financial experience when Berkeley schools need it most,” says Patricia Kates, a Berkeley schools volunteer since 1991. “Priscilla has also spent thousands of hours with teachers and students and has a deep understanding of the challenges facing BUSD.”  

As a member of the Berkeley High School Site Council and the 2020 Vision task force, Myrick helped develop plans to raise student achievement. “It’s time to implement those plans, objectively evaluate results, and target resources to programs that raise student achievement,” says Myrick. 

“Our children are best served by a school board director who is willing to ask probing questions and defend academic standards.” 

Mardi Mertens, Berkeley High School science teacher, agrees. "Priscilla Myrick played a critical role in saving AP science labs from being cut. Priscilla cares about all students and has the skills to make sure scarce funds serve students best." 

“My experience in the classroom and in financial management will bring to the Berkeley School Board a commitment to student achievement paired with results-oriented skills,” says Myrick.