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New: Stuart Skorman Is Trying to Save

Wednesday June 02, 2010 - 09:19:00 PM

Stuart Skorman is at it again, trying to save the world through commerce.His enterprises have been very popular in Berkeley.He started the video mecca and opened the store on Shattuck after successful negotiation with neighbors, and sold it at the peak of its success.His Elephant Pharmacy was a big hit too. Now he’s trying to take back so it can stay open.. 

We met Stuart when Elephant became the anchor advertiser on the front page of the print Berkeley Daily Planet, where it stayed, for years, until the store was closed by the larger corporation that had acquired it.When Stuart no longer owned Elephant, he took at least one and maybe more display ads in the Planet characterizing himself as a supporter of freedom of the press. 

He has a new task now, trying to salvage from the demise of its current owner.Here’s how he puts it: 

“I’m writing the Berkeley Community to ask you to help save the video store on Shattuck Avenue.  

Hollywood Video/ Movie Gallery, the company that has owned for 12 years, is now going bankrupt. Though the store is still profitable, they plan to liquidate the store immediately unless we can find financial backing to keep it open.  

To keep the store open we need $250,000.00 as an investment. The staff at the store is doing such a great job in every way and they will need very little supervision. I am prepared to support them by helping out with Marketing and Business Strategies. It would be ideal to have the support of another Entrepreneur (in addition to myself) involved to help the store continue to serve the community and prosper as the video industry goes through rapid changes. Among many efforts to sustain the longevity of this location, we may be able to start a classic cinema school and host local film festivals.  

If you have any ideas or would like to contribute to keeping the store open, please email me @ “  

Is there anyone out there who might want to take part in this noble effort?