Press Release: PRESS CONFERENCE, TUESDAY, JUNE 1, Berkeley Warm Pool

From Robert Collier
Tuesday June 01, 2010 - 12:28:00 PM

What: Condemning the Big Lies against Measure C: Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates,former Mayor Shirley Dean, and other City Council and School Board members will hold a press conference denouncing the Karl Rove-style disinformation tactics of the opponents of Measure C in Berkeley's June 8 election. 

Why: Using a strategy right out of the Karl Rove play book, the anti-everything crowd (NO on schools, libraries, fire protection) now is attacking our pools Measure C with wildly false claims to create doubt and confusion. Their many whoppers include these: 

LIE #1: The warm pool can be repaired in its current location -- False. They know the pool is scheduled for demolition by the School District. 

LIE #2: Measure C will cost $3.5 million annually for maintenance, plus an annual inflation adjustment. False. They have created this totally out of thin air. 

LIE #3: Willard is already a competition-size pool. False. 

LIE #4: UC Berkeley campus has a Warm Pool. False. 

We relish a good debate, but dishonest, right-wing tactics cannot be allowed to stand anywhere, any time. Measure C is about our kids, our seniors, our future. 

Measure C is a $22.5 million bond measure and parcel tax in Berkeley's June 8 election to rebuild and repair the city's four municipal pools. 

Who: Mayor Tom Bates, former Mayor Shirley Dean, and other Council and School Board members. Berkeley Unified School District Superintendent Bill Huyett is invited. Measure C supporters (disabled in wheelchairs, and Barracudas youth team members in goggles) will attend alongside the speakers. 

When: 4:30 pm, Tuesday, June 1. 

Where: Berkeley Warm Pool, 2246 Milvia Street & Durant (inside gate). The press conference will be held indoors on the deck of the Warm Pool, the decrepit and controversial facility that is scheduled for demolition next year -- and that Measure C will rebuild at a separate site. < 

Yes on Measure C campaign