New: Save Our Trees from Safeway's Axe!

By Harvey Sherback (Partisan Position)
Wednesday May 19, 2010 - 06:31:00 PM

The Safeway Store on 1444 Shattuck Avenue, located in the heart of our wonderful Gourmet Ghetto, is planning to remodel their store. At the most recent meeting Safeway revealed that their plan for renovation calls for the removal of every single tree on the property! This includes the stately old grove of trees standing on the south edge of the property facing Henry Street.

There is a meeting of the Design and Review Committee on Thursday, May 20, at the North Berkeley Senior Center, 1901 Hearst Avenue, at the corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard. This meeting begins at 7:00 pm. Please attend and let your feelings be known. 

Speaking on behalf of ourselves and the neighbors of the Shattuck Avenue Safeway Store, we insist that any redesign of the property should be done in a manner that protects these trees. This grove enriches the quality of our air, our lives, and enhances the charm of the entire neighborhood. The Safeway redevelopment plan must not proceed without due consideration to the neighborhood. After all, an arboreal grove such as this takes at least a generation to reproduce. We want Safeway to create a design which conserves as many of the old, majestic trees as possible, like the giant Monterey Pine trees located on the corner of Rose Street.