The Public Eye:Budrus: Good News from the West Bank

By Bob Burnett
Friday May 07, 2010 - 12:23:00 PM

I flinch every time I read a headline that includes the words Israel, Palestine, West Bank, or Gaza. Usually the articles contain horrific news: suicide bombs maiming Israeli civilians, troops dragging Palestinians off their ancestral lands, escalating anger and violence. At long last, the documentary film Budrus brings good news, a tiny ray of hope in what’s seemed to be an ocean of despair. -more-

Wild Neighbors: The Dog That Runs in the Rough Water

Joe Eaton
Friday May 07, 2010 - 11:38:00 AM
Oblivious Hawai'ian monk seal, Po'ipu Beach Park, Kaua'i.

The trick to spotting a Hawai’ian monk seal, according to Kaua’i-based naturalist David Kuhn, is to look for the orange plastic cones delimiting its space on the beach. -more-

SENIOR POWER:"Age Strong! Live Long!"

By Helen Rippier Wheeler
Tuesday May 04, 2010 - 07:12:00 PM

May is Older Americans Month. Older than what?, I ask and receive a dull look. 55? 60? 65? It all depends… -more-

Nice Day in Berkeley Draws a Thousand Tourers to BAHA, Natives Events

By Steven Finacom
Tuesday May 04, 2010 - 07:10:00 PM
Historian Betty Marvin, in the persona of Julia Morgan, visited the houses on the BAHA Tour answering questions about her work.  Here she discusses the 1905 Kofoid House, with copies of her architectural drawings on hand.

Hundreds of Berkeleyans and visitors to town turned out in picture-perfect spring weather on Sunday, May 2, 2010 to attend two tours. -more-