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How to Make a Paper Peace Sign

By James K. Sayre
Friday December 29, 2006

Take two sheets of red construction paper, one sheet of green construction paper and one sheet of regular white paper. Pencil-sketch an outline for a large egg-shaped peace symbol on the white paper, making almost as big as the whole sheet. Staple the white sheet on top of the green construction paper and carefully cut out your peace sign through both sheets. 

Save all the pieces, preferably in the their original orientation. Then glue the green peace symbol onto one of the sheets of red construction paper. Glue the remaining green pieces onto the second sheet of red construction paper. Voilà, you have two nice complementary peace signs, suitable for hanging in your front window. 

Since construction paper is somewhat translucent, in the daytime, you can enjoy the back-glow red and green of your peace signs sitting in your window. Of course, you can switch colors of the construction paper, you might even try using black-and-blue for a symbolic statement. 

Let’s give peace a chance; we’re tired of giving Bush’s endless fascist wars a chance—We want to see these chicken-hawks start laying some peace-eggs in 2007. If these chicken hawks don’t start laying some nice peace-eggs next year, we’ll be shipping them off to a certain Kentucky Colonel “for recycling.” 

Merry Christmas, Happy Holy-days and have a Bright New Year.