Public Comment

Hark, The Halliburton Chorus

By D.J. Randolph
Friday December 29, 2006

We will have victory in Iraq, said President Bush 

before Christmas  

as he began to listen.  

Departing Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld said, 

“Gosh and Golly!” 

The Military said, 

“Yes Sir! No surge.” 

The Politicians said, 

“If I am elected …” 

The Churches said, 

“Let us pray.” 

The Media that could not expose lies and corruption 

exposed Britney Spears and said 


The people heard the melody of Handel’s “Messiah” 

but with different words and said, 

“Hark, the Halliburton Chorus.” 

“Hall-i-burton. Hall-i-burton.Hall-i-burton. 

Hall-i-burton. Halliburton. 

For Dick Cheney omnipotent reigneth. 

And he shall reign forever and ever 

Or 2008, or 2008, or 2008!” 

The man whose birthday was being celebrated said, 

“Forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing.”