I talk to God

By Myrna Sokolinsky
Friday December 29, 2006

I talk to God 


I talk to God and God said this to me, 

“You should be president of this country.” 

Five nice judges made me president 

And that is why I was confident. 

I was born again a very pure and holy man 

I come from a very well-connected clan. 

The computer did the job for me in 2004 

Each vote for Kerry gave me one vote more. 


My dad got me into the National Guard 

By not showing up it wasn’t very hard. 

But I need a lot of unconnected guys 

For my oil grabbing enterprise. 

Global warming is not caused by oil don’t you see? 

More tax cuts for the rich will fix it handily. 

God told me it’s part of his intelligent design 

It’s not a problem that is mine or thine 


My wealthy friends were very nice to me 

They bought me a baseball team and oil company. 

It’s people’s fault if they are black and poor 

I think they like to sleep out of door. 

We are law-abiding folks who will not torture you 

Just cruel and degrading treatment will do. 

But if you’re rich I’ll tell some lies so you can own the oil 

Because to my friends I’m very loyal. 

Very loyal.