What If ...

By Andrew Rosenthal
Friday December 29, 2006

Hello everyone. I have a request. Please, I would very much appreciate the assistance of anyone computer savvy enough to send the following message around the world to as many newspaper editorial sections in as many languages as possible. 


My Dear Co-inhabitants of our Beautiful Planet: 

What if we the human beings, of planet Earth, decided to make the concept of a super power obsolete? 

What if embarrassment and “saving face” were likewise to become obsolete? 

What if the USA initiated an, ongoing/on growing, series of Peace Talks, round table discussions with equally rotating facilitators, inviting every world leader, NGO, terrorist organization, the military, and CEOs of the planet’s top 20 corporations? 

Say these talks were held somewhere neutral like Switzerland or Greenland or maybe better still, with stronger symbolization, not so neutral, in the middle of the mid-east. Then the world would know that these talks were sincere. They’re simulcasted live on radio and TV, with NO commercials, all over the world in every language. And, woven through out the entire proceedings is a totally honest, very thorough, cross-cultural educational program. 

This could be paid for out of each countries military budget according to its size/ability to pay a fair percentage of the expenses. And, the United Nations would be responsible for the highest quality, most humanitarian/respectful security system ever created. In other words, “People, check your guns, etc…, at the door!” What if…? 

What if we spent as much time, effort, energy, attitude, and money on enhancing our humanity as we do on being consumers? 

What if parenting and inter-personal communication classes were set up, meeting on a regular basis (2 or 3 times week, for example, in every neighborhood, with parents and children participating equally? 

What if all nations guilty of slavery, in the present or the past, and Indigenous genocide, physical and emotional, decided to heal those incredibly deep wounds? 

What if we healed all forms of emotional and physical abuse?  

What if we all decided to work cooperatively to bring our emotional and psychological growth up with our technological? 

What if we were all willing to assist each other in giving up our oil and other addictions both physical and emotional? 

What if we worked together to build a worldwide, spider-web designed, public transportation system, one neighborhood at a time? What if this system was the most economical, safest, most efficient, most environmentally sound, and most comfortable ever conceived of…?  

What if we all decided to work cooperatively to be more Motivated by Love than fear, more Motivated by Cooperation than competition and willing to Listen more with Acceptance than judgment and criticism? In other words, listen and speak from our Hearts.  

What if we co-created an international school action that touched every grade and every school? And an educational concept that consisted of the most honest, most direct, most respectful, deepest and most thorough cross cultural education possible, specifically designed for every grade and every school on the planet. This, of course, would consist of religion, race, philosophy, politics, Love, Respect ( a key ingredient of love) all the arts, all sports, all communication styles (except violence) all the ways that we interact ... Always emphasizing, teaching and supporting each other to have the healthiest self-esteem. And, really, the only appropriate leader there is ... Who we see in the mirror.  

What if we the people of planet earth dismantled the military industrial complex, which Dwight Eisenhower warned us about in the ‘50s, who listened? What if … we took the $2.5 billion for 1 B-2 bomber, $2.5 billion for 1 polaris submarine, 1.5 million a year to maintain 1 aircraft carrier, and the 100 million land mines in 62 countries of this world that cost $3.00 a piece to put in the ground and $1000.00 a piece to take them out…  

What if we took this money and put it into education, healthcare, and housing?  

What if we took the word “Industry” away from medical ? 

What if everyone got 100 percent choice as to practioner and medication and traditional health care was combined holistically with all the alternatives in the world? 

What if we took that same “Industry” away from music and the other arts? 

What if we put as many arts courses as science and math courses in every school? 

What if all of us, all over this world, became aware that the two biggest “plagues” on our planet are Little and No self-esteem? 

What if we began to help each other heal these “plagues” 

What if we really were more Motivated by Love than fear?  

What if what you’ve just read was accepted as genuine possibility and Not simply dismissed as idealism 

My Good Friends All Over This World, What if ... 

With the utmost Love and Respect, 

—Andrew Rosenthal 


And please know, “There is only Love and a Cry for Love…” I believe that the Bush family, the Bin Laden family, the Hussein family, etc., and all their relatives, friends, CEO’s, generals, sergeants and privates… are Crying for Love and to have healthy self-esteem; I believe that this is especially true for the joint chiefs of staff and the world’s top multi-national corporations.  

“Ask for 100% of what you want 100% of the time, be willing to hear “No” and negotiate for the difference..” 

Thank you! Peace! 

And may the sun always shine in and from our hearts…