On this darkest night

By Mary Wheeler
Friday December 29, 2006

On this darkest night 

Shivering birds take flight,  

Flee the bitter cold 

E’er Winter takes hold. 


In our Winter, we 

Too from darkness flee, 

Turn from ceaseless strife 

Seeking hope in life. 


Yet soon the Earth will turn 

The days grow warm and long 

And with their joyful song 

The birds will then return. 


So as the bleak year’s done 

May we with hope now greet, 

Go forth in peace to meet, 

The new with voices one. 


May we wisdom and love, 

Goodwill and caring learn. 

And from our hatred turn 

To seek light from above. 


But first, this darkest night, 

Let us be still, let us pause, 

Listen to nobler cause, 

And then go forth renewed, 

Forget battle and feud. 

Emerging from our night 

To seek the New Year’s light. 


—Mary Wheeler 

Christmas 2006