Police Blotter

Tuesday June 15, 2004

Gang Attacks, Victim Loses Wallet 

Four young males, one clad all in pink, attacked a hapless pedestrian last Thursday near the corner of Arch and Cedar streets. 

After taking a punch, the pedestrian gave over his wallet and the quartet fled. 


Another Gan g, Another Wallet 

A teenager confronted by an ethnically mixed band of fellow teens at the corner of Prince Street and Claremont Avenue did the wise thing and relinquished his wallet. 

Less wisely, he waited more than two hours before calling the cops—by which time the Future Felons of America had long since vanished. 


Bandit Makes Collection at Church 

Police were summoned to Northbrae Community Church early Friday afternoon after a church worker discovered that someone had slipped into the office and slipped out with the cash. 

No one saw who did it, said Berkeley Police Spokesperson Officer Joe Okies. 


Booster Grabs Costly Blender 

A shopper gave himself a five-finger discount on a very expensive blender at Berkeley Sur La Table shortly after 1:30 Friday afternoon. Police have a description of the suspect. 


Another ‘Rat Pack’ Robbery 

“Rat Packs” are what police call the gangs of juveniles who commit robbery by swarming their suspects—apparently the crime de jour in Berkeley of late. 

A gang of five assailed a hapless pedestrian at Dohr and Oregon, shoving and strong-arming until he did the smart thing and parted with his wallet. 


WorldCom Loses a Laptop  

The communications giant that perpetrated a multi-billion-dollar accounting fraud to hype its s tock price became a victim in Berkeley Friday when someone walked into the telecom’s 831 Gilman Street offices and walked out with one of their laptop computers. 

Beyond that, police have little 4-1-1. 


One Last Gang of Four Report 

Four brazen bandits co nfronted a pedestrian at the Ashby BART station shortly after 2 p.m., strong-arming their prey until he handed over his money.ôµ