Police Blotter

Friday June 11, 2004

Berkeley Shooting Leads to Chase, Crash 

After Berkeley police responded to a shooting reported at Russell and Sacramento streets at 10:30 Wednesday night, some officers canvassed the area in search of shooters. 

After officers attempted to stop a gold Oldsmobile a short distance away, the driver hit the gas and led police on a northbound chase into Richmond, where a patrol car from that department joined in the pursuit. 

Officers briefly lost the Olds after the driver doused his lights, but the chase resumed after a Berkeley officer spotted the car on Mathieu Court. 

The fugitive was headed eastbound on Ripley Avenue when another Richmond officer attempting to serve a papers on a local resident pulled in the Olds path. 

The ensuing crash totaled both cars, and the driver of the Oldsmobile fled on foot, leaving a slightly injured police officer in the wreck of his cruiser. 

Paul McGee, a 30-year-old Richmond resident, was finally subdued after officers cornered him nearby. 

McGee was charged with a variety of felony counts, including evasion of police, escape, battery on a peace officer, and a probation violation. Officers also discovered that he was wanted on an outstanding warrant for felony hit and run. 

The suspect was hauled backed to Berkeley and given a cell in the city lockup. No weapon was found in his car or on his person, and police are still investigating to see if there is any connection between McGee and the Berkeley shooting—which resulted in non-life-threatening injuries to the victim, said Berkeley Police spokesperson Officer Joe Okies. 


Brazen Thief Boosts Three Minibikes 

A brazen daylight thief grabbed three Mini Ninja motorbikes from the Ramada Inn at 920 University Ave. late Tuesday afternoon. The miniature cycles, capable of speeds up to 40 miles an hour, are less than half the size of a regular cycle—but still very dear to their owner, who promptly called police. 


Foolish Response Thwarts Armed Bandit 

When a pistol-packing bandit approached a man at Cedar-Rose Park in Berkeley about 8:15 p.m. Tuesday, the would-be victim did precisely what police advise victims never to do. He just said no, refusing to fork over his wallet. 

As the bandit and his would-be victim argued, other park-goers wandered over and the frustrated felon fled. 


Pair Stages Office Depot Heist 

Unlike the gent at Cedar-Rose, a clerk at Berkeley’s 1025 Gilman St. Office Depot wisely forked over the gelt when confronted by a pair of armed robbers less than 20 minutes later. ›