The Berkeley Activist's Calendar: June 28-July 5

Kelly Hammargren, Sustainable Berkeley Coalition
Saturday June 27, 2020 - 11:51:00 AM

Worth Noting:

There are nine City meetings in the coming week June 28 – July 5, 2020. All 4th of July events are cancelled due to COVID-19. And, while COVID-19 has not hit Berkeley hard yet – yet is the discomforting word. New cases of infections are skyrocketing across the South, This is no time to get careless.

Treat that mask on your face as if it is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, because that is exactly the worth if you prevent just one person from getting sick and being hospitalized and that one person could be you. Wear that mask with honor. The best practice is to put it on before leaving home, make sure your nose and mouth are covered and leave it on until you return home.

Monday – Budget Committee meets at 10 am for the last review. The City Manager is recommending across the board cuts of 15%. The Agenda Committee meets at 2:30 pm to plan the July 14 Regular City Council meeting – the Council meeting when measures on policing will be presented for vote. The Police Review Commission meets at 7 pm to finalize the recommendations for revisions to the Berkeley Police Use of Force policy.

Tuesday - The City Council will vote to adopt the FY 2021 budget - item 40 on a long agenda.

Wednesday - City Council Facilities, Infrastructure, (FITS) meets at 2 pm. In the evening the Library Board starts at 6:30 pm and the Homeless Services Panel of Experts and the Planning Commission start at 7 pm.

Thursday – The Landmarks Commission meets at 7 pm.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

No City meetings or events found

Monday, June 29, 2020

City Council Budget & Finance Committee, 10 am


Teleconference: 669-900-9128 Meeting ID: 867 6305 7213

Agenda: Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Update

Agenda and Rules Committee, 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm,


Teleconference: 669-900-9128 Meeting ID: 820 1985 1685

Agenda planning for July 14 City Council Regular meeting: CONSENT: 1. Contract with Wells Fargo thru 5/31/2023 Resolution authorizing CM to continue unbundling banking services with Wells Fargo, 2. Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) nutrition programs for seniors, 3. Contract add $946,419 and extend thru 6/30/2020 total $1,907,293 with Berkeley Food & Housing Project for Administrative Services for Berkeley Mental Health, 4. Contract add $34,736 thru 6/30/2021total $103,178 with Bay Area Hearing Voices Network for Hearing voices support groups, 5. Local Housing Trust Fund Application, 6. Contract $552,862 includes 15% contingency with Sandstone Environmental Engineering, Inc. for Aquatic Park Central Tide Tubes, 7. Contract add $280,000 total $1,471,342 with Redwood Engineering Construction for James Kenney Park, Picnic and Play Area Renovation, 8. Ordinance declaration of easements between 2009 and 2015 Addison (sublease Berkeley Repertory Theater), 9. Contract $116,635.39 with Shaw Industries for Civic Center Building Carpet Replacement, 10. Contract add $50,000 and extend to 6/30/2023 total $190,000, ACTION: 11. Permanent Local Housing Application $7,761,504 to support local affordable housing and homeless services, 12. Resolution for issuance of bonds by CALPFA for 1717 University rental housing development, 13. ZAB Appeal 1533 Beverly Place, 14. Safety for All: George Floyd Act Budget request to Perform Police Call and Response Analysis and to Direct the CM to implement initiatives and reforms that reduce the footprint of the police department, 15. Changes to BMC and City Policies with respect to Local Emergency Declarations and First Amendment Curfews, 16. Rename Shattuck, 17.a. & b. Compiling Homeless Commission Recommendations and tracking outcomes, 18. Menstrual Products for Unhoused Community, 19. Amending Council Rules of Procedure in regard to items submitted by Mayor or Councilmembers to go to whole Council for review rather than referral by Agenda to Policy committee, 20. Declare Juneteenth as City Holiday, 21. Redistribution of City Resources and Operations from Berkeley Police (proposed police budget $72,774,334) when call/situation is better served by trained city staff and community partners, 22. Referral to CM to Re-imagine Policing approaches to Public Safety with robust community engagement, 23. BerkDOT pursue Berkeley Department of Transportation to ensure a racial justice lens in traffic enforcement. REFERRED ITEMS for REVIEW: 8. Impact of COVID-19 on meetings of Legislative bodies, 9. Election Reform Act to Prohibit Officeholder Accounts, 10. Resolution incorporate 1 minute 46 seconds of mindfulness, 11. Commission Reorganization for Post COVID Recovery, (packet 176 pages)


Police Review Commission Special Meeting, 7 -9:30 pm 


Teleconference: 669-900-6833 Meeting ID: 881 9277 8246 

Agenda: Use of Force Policy 


Tuesday, June 30, 2020 

Berkeley City Council, 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm, Live audio KPFB 89.3 (listen only), Cable B-TV (Channel 33) watch only, to participate/comment use zoom, teleconference, or email during meeting with number of item 150 word limit 


Teleconference: 669.900.9128 Meeting ID: 871 9978 5160 

CONSENT: Items 1 – 11 Second Reading Vote, 13. Contract add $180,134 total $441,984 FY 2021-2025 for Animal Services Contract with City of Piedmont, 14. Add $30,000 and extend to June 30, 2021 total $120,000 with Townsend Public Affairs, Inc for ERMA, 15. Contract $214,848 July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021with Downtown Y for City employees, 17. Reaffirm Investment Policies, 18. FY2021 Appropriations Limit $284,280,447, 19. FY 2021 Tax Rate Fire Protection, Emergency Response and Preparedness (Measure GG), 20. Grant Agreement Amendment: Alameda County Coordinated Entry System (CES) Grant, 21. Mental Health Services Act Contract Amendment: Covenant House (YEAH), 22. Contract Amendments: Mental Health Services Act, Prevention and Early Intervention, 23. Contract Amendment with BOSS (Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency, 24. Reimbursement with City of San Jose and BPD for Training related to Internet Crimes Against Children, 25. Grant Applications Active Transportation Program Cycle 5, 26. Contract add $300,000 total $8,286,960 with Ghilotti Construction for Shattuck Reconfiguration and Pedestrian Safety Project, 27. FY 2021 Clean Stormwater Fee, 28. Support Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s legislation to establish a US Commission on Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation, 29. Resolution Urging State Legislature and Governor to explore new revenue generating options including additional tax on highest earning Californians, 30. Support AB-3256 Economic Recovery and Climate Resiliency Bond, 31. Support AB-2501 COVID-19 Homeowner, Tenant, Consumer relief, 32. Support ACA 5 to place statewide ballot to repeal Proposition 209 (1996) and allow C=State of CA to pursue minority equal opportunity and access initiatives, ACTION: 33. Amend One-Way Car Share Program: Electric Mopeds, Fees Deposits, 34. Amend Berkeley Election Reform Act (public election financing), 35. Charter Amendment to change Mayor and Councilmembers to Fulltime Status, 36. Ballot Measure to Create Climate Action Fund, 37. Amend Berkeley’s Minimum Wage Ordinance, impacting youth training programs, 38. Charter Amendment Ballot Initiative to repeal residency requirement for sworn members Berkeley Fire Dept, 39. Contract CycloMedia for GIS Infrastructure Asset Data, 40. FY 2021 Mid-Biennial Budget Update Adoption, 41. FY 2021 Annual Appropriations $521,674,251 (gross), $452,409,230 (net), 42. Borrowing of Funds and the Sale and Issuance of FY 2020-21 Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes, INFORMATION REPORTS: 43. Audit Report Wins National Recognition, 44. City Auditor FY 2021 Audit Plan 


Wednesday, July 1, 2020 

City Council Facilities, Infrastructure, Transportation, Environment & Sustainability Committee, 2 pm,,_Infrastructure,_Transportation,_Environment,___Sustainability.aspx 


Teleconference: 669-900-9128 Meeting ID: 895 4959 1843 

Agenda: 2. Terminating the sale of gasoline, diesel and natural gas passenger vehicles throughout Berkeley by 2025, 3. Traffic Circle Recommendations, 4. 100% sustainable trips by 2045, 


Board of Library Trustees, 6:30 pm 


Teleconference: 669-900-9128 Meeting ID: 860 4230 6505 

Agenda CONSENT: D. Bid Solicitation Central Library Stucco Restoration Project, E. Contract $107,000 for procurement audio equipment, delivery and installation for Central Library 7/1/2020 – 12/31/2021, FY 2021 Budget Amendment to $600,000 for furniture, fixtures, equipment for Central Library, ACTION: Mission and Vision Statement 


Homeless Services Panel of Experts, 7 pm 


Teleconference: 669-900-6833 Meeting ID: 938 4539 3201 

Agenda: 7. Update related to homelessness, discussion and possible action, 8. Workplan and development of bylaws 


Planning Commission, 7 – 10 pm 


Teleconference: 669-900-6833 Meeting ID: 929 3913 4810 

Agenda: 9. Public Hearing: Home Occupations Ordinance, 10. Referrals Supporting Berkeley Businesses 


Thursday, July 2, 2020 

Landmarks Preservation Commission, 7 – 11:30 pm 


Teleconference: 669-900-6833 Meeting ID: 918 3101 4263 

Agenda: 2328 Channing Way hearing designation as Landmark or Structure of Merit The Luttrell House, 1212 and 1214 San Pablo Demolition Referral, 2277 Shattuck Structural Alteration Permit, 8. Annual Election, 9. Meetings during COVID-19 pandemic 


Friday, July 3, 2020 

City of Berkeley Independence Day Holiday 


Saturday, July 4, 2020 

Cancelled – Berkeley City 4th of July Fireworks and events,  

Looks like all Bay Area 4th of July fireworks and events are cancelled due to COVID-19 


Sunday, July 5, 2020 

No City meetings or events found 



Public Hearings Scheduled 

0 Euclid 7/7/2020 

1449 Grizzly Peak 7/7/2020 

1533 Berkeley Place 7/14/2020 

Use Permits and the Appeal End Date 

2115 Allston 7/8/2020 

1348-50 Euclid 6/30/2020 

12 Indian Rock Path 7/14/2020 

1346 Ordway 6/30/2020 

2023-25 Shattuck 6/30/2020 

1635 Tacoma 6/30/2020 

2338 Telegraph 6/30/2020 


LINK to Current Zoning Applications 




July 21 – Crime report, Climate Action Plan/Resiliency Update 

Sept 29 – Digital Strategic Plan/FUND$ Replacement Website Update, Zero Waste Priorities, Vision 2050 

Oct 20 – Update Berkeley’s 2020 Vision, BMASP/Berkeley Pier-WETA Ferry 


Unscheduled Workshops/Presentations 

Cannabis Health Considerations 

Presentation from StopWaste on SB 1383 

Systems Realignment 




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