Vote YES in the Pacifica Bylaws Election

Akio Tanaka
Monday March 16, 2020 - 12:49:00 PM

The current Bylaws were drafted by a group headed by Carol Spooner after the 1999 crisis. At the time It was felt that all-elected Board was the preferred governance structure. 

It soon became apparent that all-elected Board had unforeseen consequences. 

It resulted in creating a factional Board that spent all the meeting time fighting factional battles instead of looking after the affairs of the Foundation. 

Also the Bylaws had no mechanism to recruit and elect qualified board members, because they are elected on basis of factional affiliation rather than their qualification. 

Reflecting back on the shortcoming of the original 2002 Bylaws, new set of Bylaws were drafted by a group headed by the same Carol Spooner, who helped draft the original Bylaws. 

The key realization was the difficulty in getting people with experience and expertise to oversee a $10M corporation with an all-elected Board. 

We want Board Directors that represent the members, but we also need Board Directors with experience and expertise. 

The new Bylaws have the best of both worlds: Station Representative Directors, who are elected by the staff and listener members, and At-Large Directors who are vetted and elected by the full board, who will bring experience and expertise that Station Representative Directors might not have. 

The Pacifica members can help end the era of the factional Board by voting YES for the new Bylaws. 

Deadline to vote is 3/19/20. 

To get more information, visit: https://rethinkingpacifica.org/ 

To get help in voting or changing your vote, visit: https://elections.pacifica.org/wordpress/